Special Classes

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Special Classes

Post by Headmaster Darwin on Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:49 am

This is a list of the special classes for the special students that attend Ravens Wing High School. Hopefully this list will help if you have any trouble picking for the app.

Magic and Spells
Students gifted with magic powers come here to learn how to use them. Kistune's, Elves and Fae are the most likely to be in this class.

Blood Hunting - Human Blood
For Students that require blood and choose to fed from Human's. Mostly Vampires attend this class.

Blood Hunting - Animal Blood
For Students that require blood and choose to fed from Animal's. Mostly Vampires attend this class, though Were's will often attend as well.

Control And Changing At Will
For Students that change from one form to another. Mostly Were's and Kitune's attend the class.

Possession and Haunting
For Students can take corporal forms or can posses a human. Mostly Demon's and Ghosts attend this class.
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